One of the lessons that every responsible business owners should know is that in business correspondence, the manner in which you send a message is just as important as the message itself. This advice applies for emails, of course, but don’t forget that even in the digital age traditional letters are still in use and you have to consider how you print your envelopes as well. If you’re still using blank envelopes you should give up this practice as soon as possible and contact a professional company that offers customized envelope Singapore printing services. If you’ve been so focused on your email strategy that you forgot why envelope customization is so important, then these tips will help you out.


Learn how to draw attention with customized envelopes

Whether you are sending an invitation to your associates on behalf of the company or a notice to one of your customers, mail is meant to be open and read. Unfortunately, the average person gets a lot of mail every day. As for businesses, they are literally overwhelmed with the amount of correspondence they receive. In this context, it is quite understandable that some envelopes aren’t even open, yet alone read. To make sure this happens, you should think of a way to customize your envelope so that it draws attention. Before anything else, be sure to include your logo so that the receiver knows who the mail is from before they even read the details. Next up, talk to your designers to develop a creative, yet professional template specially for envelopes. Choose something that matches your company image and reflects your practices and values.


How to choose a printing service

Before you can enjoy all the benefits of a good printing service, you still have one more thing to do: choose the best company for the job. There are many printing services out there, but not all of them are recommended for commercial clients. Because your corporate image is at stake, you have to make sure the quality of the envelopes is outstanding and that there are no printing errors. Pay attention to the printing method they use, because you don’t want there to be any printing inaccuracies for your company colors. The cheaper the printing process, the less clear your design will look. Last, but not least, low quality print tends to smudge easily, and that never leaves a good impression.