Life can be active and exciting even after a certain age, and even if you have reached 70, that does not mean you cannot start enjoying new hobbies. There are many women out there that spend some of their free time sharing ideas on how to fully enjoy living alone in later-life, so you can get all the inspiration and motivation you need just by following the right online blogs. If you are currently looking for some great hobby ideas, and are not quite sure what to opt for, then a few tips might help you out:

Exploring your creative side

Even if you may not be the artsy type of person, if you have ever wished to discover your creative side, then now you have the time to do so. You have a wide list of options to choose from – you can either put together beautiful flower arrangements for your décor (or even for selling if they turn out great), or try watercolour painting, sculpting or even story writing. You have so many great choices to make, and you can try all of them until you find something that you really like.


Although working out is not exactly a hobby, it can become a passion if you find the right sport. Swimming, Pilates, yoga or even racket tennis are great activities to try out. Besides allowing you to have a great time, exercising will also keep you healthy. Once or twice a week is enough, and after you will start exercising with regularity, it will inevitable become part of your weekly routine.

Writing a blog

If you have many good stories and tips to share, then creating a blog can be a great way to express your thoughts, and allow others to learn from your life experiences. A blog will give you the chance to interact with many people, and whenever you have some free time and don’t know what to do with it, this will be an excellent option. If you have something to share with the world, then just go for it.

Gardening and cooking

If you are looking for an easy and convenient hobby, then you always have gardening and cooking. Try new receipts, make meals you have never tried or even attend a cooking class. The same goes with gardening. Plant your favourite flowers, and look after them, you can even put together your own vegetable garden if you want. These are the hobbies that will never be dull or uninteresting.

Your years of retirement can be the best ones yet, you just need to make the most of them by discovering new and amazing hobbies. Doing things that you perhaps not had the time to do during your youth will certainly be exciting, and will enrich your life with unique experiences. Besides the ideas mentioned above, you can find other great hobby inspiration by reading blogs online. There are many women just like you out there that are enjoying life more than never, so learn from the experience of others, and make your 70s the most memorable years of your life.