An upgraded kitchen. Repainted walls. Transforming one of the bedrooms into a nursery. You’ve probably engaged in home renovation before, and you know how stressful the entire process is. But now that you’re a dog parent, you’re terrified of engaging in a remodelling project because you’re aware how much planning it’s required.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to do the work yourself or hire professionals, when you tear the walls down and bring construction supplies inside the house, you know you expose your dog to risks. Your dog is a family member and you’re worried about their wellbeing, so you must plan to ensure they’re not overwhelmed about everything going on around them.

Make sure the contractors know that there’s a dog inside while they work so they can adjust their methods. You’re not the first pet owner who hires their services, so they most likely know how to handle the situation.

Here are some other recommendations you should consider.

Prepare your dog

You already established with the contractor when they’re going to arrive, so you can prepare your dog. Go outside with them and encourage them to exercise so they’re tired enough to sleep for most of the day. A worn-out dog is less likely to stress over the people invading their house. You can also ask for the local kennel gardermoen if they have any free spots so you can take your dog there if the contractor plans to tear down walls and you think the noise might scare your dog.

If you choose to keep them home, try to get the dog out according to their established schedule so they can poop, play, run, and enjoy a relaxing walk. A good walk leaves them less energy to fuzz around the house when the contractors are working.

Maintain their routine

Dogs and most pets are creatures of habit, so they find comfort and safety in predictable things. If you used to take them to the hundebarnehage don’t change their schedule only because you find it challenging to drive them to the day care facility. Ask a friend or neighbour to pick them up when they take their dog if you’re too busy in the morning. Renovations often throw everything out of the window and create chaos around the house, so try to maintain your dog’s routine to help them stay away from stress during this period. If you keep the dog home, and they need to be fed or sleep, ensure they have a quiet room where no one disturbs them.

Create a safe space

For your dog their kennel is the safest place they can have. If you don’t have a kennel or don’t know how to create a safe space for your dog, visit the dyreklinikk nittedal and ask for recommendations. Before staring the renovations, transform a room into an accessible and comfortable place for your dog. bring inside the items that provide them comfort and safety. Look around the house and try to identify the place your dog prefers, and recreate it in the room where they’ll stay during the renovation.