So, you have depression … for no reason. What are you so depressed about? Mental illness doesn’t need a cause. It can happen just like that. Maybe you’ve lost your job. Or maybe you’ve recently ended a long-term relationship. Anything can get you down. If you’re feeling sad and don’t have the energy to do anything, then you’re filled with melancholy and you need to do something about it. Like what? Well, give your interior décor a complete makeover. Your dwelling can contribute to the depression, although it may not seem likely. If your home isn’t cheerful or bright, then neither will you be.

Your space can make you depressed   

You spend hours at an end in the home. You feel exhausted all the time, but you blame the fatigue on the lack of nutrients. Additionally, you’re sad. You don’t feel like getting out of the house, let alone talking to someone. The home is the reason why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. This might come as a shock to you. You’ve never imagined that staying inside can leave you feeling depressed. Well, it can. Depression is not something to take lightly. It’s a serious illness that affects everyone from regular Joe’s to athletes. Yes, mental illness applies to the sports world too. Depression is a complex issue, resulting in biological and metabolic dysfunctions. Basically, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Using interior design to relieve depression  

Changing the interior décor will instantly brighten your mood. But so will exercising. However, now isn’t the time to talk about how to manage depression with exercise. We’re going to focus our attention on interior decorating for the time being.

  • Pay attention to is light – If there isn’t enough natural light in the room, you’ll feel gloomy. It’s better to get rid of those curtains. There are way better ways to dress a window, such as glass window shelves. This will satisfy your privacy needs and let the sunlight come into the home.
  • Get rid of the mess – Your living room is full with all kinds of items that you’ve gathered over the years. There are so many of them that there is barely any room left. A messy room will no doubt make you unhappy. Do the smart thing and eliminate the mess. Keep only the things that go together. You can purchase additional décor items, just make sure to not exaggerate.
  • Pick the right color – Studies have proved that color has a strong effect on the mood. Add a fresh coat of paint. The best hues are soft purples, soft greens, and blue. You decide what you like the most.