Are you planning to buy a luxury condo? Well, in this case you should be ready to spend a lot of money, because high-end properties are listed at big prices, but they definitely worth every penny you pay. No one is surprised about the high prices of these properties, because quality sells and the real estate market is able to generate premium condo, which have all the features a luxury property should have. So, if you are going to invest in one of the Scottsdale condos for sale you already know that the most important factor you have to keep in view is the location. But location is not everything, you also have to be sure that the property you have, features some of the following qualities, if not all of them.

You have unobstructed light and view

If you want to invest in a property with great resale value then you should look for a condo which features an interior that is open to the outdoor and allows natural light to get inside. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind openness is also important, so try to find a place which has both great view and natural light. What would you like to see when you get up in the morning, the skyline, a bridge, a river or a park?

Ceiling height is important

When speaking of ceiling, the higher the better. But you should not look at the square footage, because the cubic footage is more important in this case. A luxury condo should feature a ceiling which is about 14 feet, and the only exception would be if it has unobstructed view and amazing natural light.

Find a place with a unique architecture

No other feature retains value in a property than good architecture. So, when planning to invest in a luxury condo, you should also do research on the architect who has projected the building and make sure that they are creating both beautiful and practical designs. You should not only think on how the building is perceived now, but also on how it would be seen in a few years. Look for high-grade materials, a solid foundation, unusual details and an artistic component.

Windows are important

Windows are the main sources of cooling and heat loss, so you should carefully analyze them. Make sure that they are heavily insulated and double paned if you want to protect you against noise and weather. In some cases, you would not be allowed to install other windows in the future, so try to find a condominium, which features great windows from the beginning.

An extra feature – a gym close to you

If you are looking for extra amenities that do count, then the gym is one of the most important ones. Only think at those cold days when you would like to hit the gym, but it is located in the other part of the town and you find difficult to get there. However, if the building where you are staying also features a gym, then you are a lucky condo-owner.