So, you have recently discovered how fun and entertaining playing darts actually is and want to engage in this activity while at home as well. Purchasing a dart board doesn’t require a large investment from your part, so you can easily get your hands on this type of item without worrying about money. However, because there are several versions available on the market, you will need to decide on one option or another. Usually, you will need to choose between electronic and bristle boards, which may seem similar to you, as a novice, but provide a slightly different darts experience. The following information will help you understand which dartboard is best- Electronic or Bristle Dart Board, considering their differences, and select the most suitable option for you:

Electronic Dart Boards

  • Automatic scoring – this is the first characteristic that makes this type of board appealing and why it has increased in popularity among players. Because it comes with advanced technology, the scoring can be viewed throughout the entire darts match, multiple players being displayed. The board also produces sounds, which makes playing that more fun.
  • Safer for children – because this option comes with soft tip darts, it is safer for those of younger age. So, if you are buying the board for the entire family, it could be the better alternative.
  • Solo matches – the majority of electronic board you will find on the market give you the possibility to play by yourself. The single player feature allows you to practice your throwing skills against the computer, without needing additional players.

Bristle Dart Boards

  • Quality material – considering that bristle boards are made out of sisal fibers usually, you will not have to worry that after playing darts for a long time, visible holes will be left in the board. You can remove the darts easily, and play for as often as you wish, without noticing dart tips marks onto it.
  • Authentic design – if you want an element that maintain that original, traditional darts playing vibe, this is the perfect fit. The design of the bristle board is more appealing than its electronic counterpart.
  • Durability – with number wires that have a rotating feature, and qualitative material, the bristle board also makes a better choice if you take into account durability. Because there’s no technology software behind it, dealing with malfunctions will not be something to worry about – you can play good, old-fashion darts for a long period of time.

When you want to pick out the best dart board there is on the market, and you are a beginner, you need to inform yourself properly on the topic. Between these two major options, you can conclude for yourself which one would suit your needs and preferences best, both versions coming with their own pros and cons. With a great item of this kind at your disposal, you can discover the excitement of darts, and why not, make an actual hobby out of it.