When it comes to involving your children in new, entertaining projects, few are those projects that may tickle their fancy. But truth be told, such projects boost their creativity and handiness, thus must be somehow incorporated in their weekly schedule. If you don’t have enough ideas on what projects you should do with your small children, we have some ideas below.

DIY ribbon toys

DIY ribbon toys are simply because one solid reason: they’re chap and easy to make. Simply invest in several rolls of everyday ribbons and a hot glue gun, and start your project. A great ribbon toy idea that you can easily pull off is a ribbon wand, a simple and entertaining for children, especially small ones. A plastic stick and several thin pieces of ribbon, glued together with the help of your hot glue gun will always turn out into an amazing DIY project in which you can involve your children. Only make sure that they don’t play around with the hot glue gun, as they might hurt themselves easily. Let the adults manage the gluing part, and let them decide what type of ribbons they want on their wands. You can also create pull toys with the help of the simple ribbons, but these are more suitable for children of a younger age.

Help them create a recycling system

If you want to entertain and educate your children at the same time, you could consider creating with them a recycling system. This is not a difficult process. You will simply have to find several metallic buckets, paint to correspond with the regulated recycling container colours, some brushes and representative stickers for each container. Now get your children and paint all the buckets in the given colours. They don’t have to be perfectly painted, so don’t emphasize the necessity of a spotless paint job. Otherwise your children might become scared of such a project. After the base coat dries, then let them write on each container for what type of waste they are designated. Grammar and spelling errors are encouraged, since they will only add to the cuteness of the project. The last and most important step is placing the stickers on your containers so even the smaller ones, who don’t know yet how to read can identify the correct container.

These are two easy and entertaining DIY projects that you can manage with your children in several minutes, during a weekend day.