Cobalt blue is one of the hottest trends in home decor, and if you are looking for a change of appearance for your home, you should give this creative color a try.
It’s not enough to paint the walls in this stunning color, and doing it in all the rooms may become tiring, therefore if you want to create the perfect ambiance in all the rooms, you should take the advice given below on how the decor should be.

Display the china

Your cobalt blue walls need a lively addition for everything to look more spectacular, and the best addition for them is to display white and blue china on white shelves up on the wall.
It will look tasteful, and it won’t cost you anything if you already have the china set. In addition, nothing works better in contrast with cobalt blue than white, giving the living room a clean and neat look by adding this shelf display.

Mix furniture patterns

In your cobalt blue living room, even if it may sound weird at first, you could create a neat chaos when it comes to furniture patterns.
Attract everyone’s attention and amaze all your guests by buying different patterned covers for the sofa and the armchairs, giving the whole room an ingenious schematic by creating this visual mix.

Cobalt blue and white bathroom scheme

A bathroom with cobalt blue painting on the walls can be a little too much, therefore it’s better to paint the walls white, and create for the rest of the bathroom a nice cobalt blue and white scheme.
First off, you can buy a white shower curtain with blue cobalt flowers on it to ease into the mixture between these two colors. In addition, you could even buy some blue scented candles to put on the counters, and 2 cobalt blue vases which you will place on the sink and counters that are filled with white roses or Jasmine flowers to pretty the place up.
Last but not least, to create the perfect ambiance, make the flooring scheme a geometrical combination between white and cobalt blue.

Contrast prints

Finally, to create the perfect decor in any cobalt blue room and to create a visual sense of depth, you should make sure to have different patterns on everything in the room, from the walls, to the curtains, to the furniture. This way, in addition to creating that visual sense of depth mentioned earlier, you will create a striking and interesting appearance for the room as well.