Chaos unfolds in the bathroom during mornings, because everyone is rushing to brush their teeth and to get ready for work and school, and having a messy and cluttered bathroom can be a great inconvenience, making you all lose precious time looking for the items that you need.
If you want to make this a problem of the past and you want to have a better organized bathroom, apply the following clever tips on how you can do it.

His area & her area

The most important thing when you share the bathroom with your significant other is for each of you to have his own storing place. Therefore, if you aren’t lucky enough to have two sinks with two different cabinets in which to put your things, you could buy two counters, one for each of you.
In his counter, he could place his electric shaver, his towels, his creams, and everything else that he uses when he gets ready, and in your cabinet, you can put your flat iron, your makeup, your towels, and everything else you use during your morning routine.
It’s better to try to separate the things that you use as much as you can, especially seeing how women tend to have more beauty products and items than men, and it can get really awkward for him to be late for work because he couldn’t find his electric shaver that was buried deep under your beauty products.

Hide the cleaning supplies under the sink

It’s unpleasant to let the cleaning supplies in plain view, and it can even be dangerous if you have children. Beside, you are losing precious space in your bathroom with them as well.
Hide them under the sink, and if you don’t have doors to that space, put a curtain to not have them in display. You will always know where they are, and you won’t have to worry about the kids finding them.

Hang your towels on hooks

Instead of losing a lot of space in the bathroom by adding separate cabinets and racks for towels, it’s better to simply hang as many hooks as you need on the bathroom’s walls, and hang the towels there.
You can even organize them neatly by putting up separate hooks for the towels that you use for your face, your hands, and your body, doing the same for the other members of your household, creating separate areas for all of you.

Keep everything in your reach when you wash

Install racks in your shower cabin or above your tub to have everything you need when you wash in your reach, avoiding to have to go around dripping with water because you forgot to take the shampoo with you when you started showering.
On the racks, you can put everything, from your sponge, to the shampoo, the soap, the shower gel, basically all the items that you use when you wash, making it more organized and a more pleasurable experience for you as well.