Anyone can overcome addiction, status in the society notwithstanding. In this write-up, we will open your eyes to some of the most interesting celebrity rehab success stories so that you can have the hope of overcoming your addiction. If you are looking for a holistic approach to stress and addiction, maybe you should go through some of their stories and you will get inspired and start picturing yourself free from addiction and stress.  

Melaine Griffith

She checked herself into Cirque Lodge in Utah on her own to reinforce her commitment to stay healthy.  She had a drinking problem, according to her husband and she was forced to seek help because the husband gave her an ultimatum.  Some are, however, of the opinion that she went voluntarily into rehab because she wants more gifts from her husband. Whatever the case may be, she is getting better and showing signs of improvement.

Robert Downey Jr.

For up to five years, he frequented jail and Rehab numerous times.  He had been arrested for several crimes ranging from driving under the influence to trespassing, carrying illegal firearms and drug possession. He has finally made up his mind to put an end to his addiction problem, especially because it is not affecting his acting profession.  Feelers have it that he had been clean and sober for eight years now.  He had acted movies after his ordeal with drugs and won an Oscar nomination.

Maureen McCormick

He wrote a book in 2008 titled “Here the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice.” The book told of Marcia, a bulimic, coke-snorting party girl, who traded sex for drug and visited rehabs multiple times.  The author showed up many times high on drugs at auditions and got blacklisted from Hollywood.  However, he successfully kicked this bad habit and decided to come clean about her past.  Feelers have it that she was actually referring to herself in the book. Her effort to kick the bad habit paid off and her drug-past has now become a distant memory.


From the above, you will notice a particular trend: those who successfully kicked their drug and substance abuse habits got encouraged to do so by circumstances. Maybe you want to check your life and find out what is being negatively impacted by your love for hard drugs. It may be your career, family or prospects of a better future. Whatever the case may be, kicking this drug habit can only make you a better person and help you to live a more fulfilling life. You can visit Luxury ayahuasca centers closest to you to kick-start your journey into complete freedom from drugs.