Just bought or inherited an old property and want to recondition it? This article explores five tips that will help you get this job done. 

Reconditioning an old property is no easy job. Depending on how old and damaged the property is, you may even have to give up your restoring plans and take it all down and build something new. But, if you want to give it a try and try to get your old property back in good shape, know that you’re in for a pretty serious commitment.

Here are five tips for renovating an old property!

1.     Check the roof

The first step into renovating an old house is to take care of all significant reparations, including and starting with the roof.

Think about it: there’s no point in cleaning and renovating the floors of the property only to discover that the roof needs some significant adjustments that will destroy your entire work. So, start by getting the top of the property inspected by a professional.

Before you start the actual renovation, make sure that the roof is in good shape and will be so for at least a few more years. If there’s any water damage, broken materials, missing shingles or tiles, make sure you first get the roof repaired.

2.     Check for water damage and fix it

Water damage is another major common problem with old properties. If the property you’re restoring has water damage, you need to fix it as soon as possible. The thing with water damage is that it can quickly turn into more expensive and time-consuming repairs. More precisely, water damage can result in structural faults and safety hazards.

So, have the property check by a professional and if there is water damage, find the source and fix the damages it has already created.

3.     Clean thoroughly

Once you’ve fixed the major problems with the property, it is time to clean it thoroughly and prepare it for a redesign. Start from the inside of the property and clean each room. If the old property has been vandalized during the period when no one lived or took care of it, you can use graffitifjerning to get rid of the graffiti on the walls. If the property is in poor shape on the exterior as well, you can use fasadevask to clean it and use graffitibeskyttelse to protect it for the future.

4.     Make a design plan

Once the property is all fixed and clean, it is time to decide on the interior design you want to have. Ensure that you match the design with your needs and preferences, and consider what you’re planning to do with the property once it is all reconditioned and ready to host a family there. Depending on whether you want to sell it or use it for yourself, choose a design that suits your plans best.

5.     Consider the outdoor too

When reconditioning an old property, you also need to consider the exterior. If the property hasn’t been taken care of for a very long time, the exterior probably looks like something very similar to a jungle. So, also engage with some landscaping practices to improve the outdoor space of the property too.